CA Environmental Quality Act

CEQA Information – Table of Contents

General CEQA Information



Cultural Resources


Environmental Protection Agencies


Local Environmental Resources

Toxic Waste/Hazards


General CEQA Information

CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act Homepage

CEQA – Caselaw

CEQA – Guidelines for Implementation

CEQA – Judges

CEQA – Process Flow Chart

CEQA – UC Davis Support Project

CERES – California Environmental Resources Evaluation System

State Clearinghouse Handbook


Air Monitoring Network

Air Quality Data

Air Quality Initiative

Air Quality Management District Statewide Directory


Calbiota (list of California animal and plant species)

California Natural Diversity Database

California Rare, Threatened and Endangered Animals(PDF)

California Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants(PDF)

Natural Resources Conservation Service Plants Database (USDA)

Cultural Resources

California Archaeological Resources

California Office of Historic Preservation

Secretary of Interior – Historic Preservation Guidelines


California Energy Commission

California Public Utilities Commission

Environmental Protection Agencies

California Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Environmental Protection Agency


California Geologic Information

Geological Survey

California Soils Information

Santa Cruz County Soils Survey

USGS California Earthquake Hazards Program

Local Environmental Resources

California Costal Records Project

California Environmental Insider

Earth 911

Toxic Waste/Hazards

California Department of Pesticide Regulation

California Department of Toxic Substance Control

California Integrated Waste Management Board

California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

Water – Association of California Water Agencies

California Costal Water Quality Monitoring Inventory

California State Water Information

California State Water Resources Control Board